Get to know me

So I thought I’d answer some “this or that” questions so you can get to know me better…

Dog or cat?

100000% cat

Netflix or YouTube?

BOTH. I literally love them both equally.

Phonecall or text?

Depends on the situation or person but mostly text

Twitter or Instagram?


Pizza or pasta?


Coke or Pepsi?

Controversial but Pepsi

Iced coffee or hot coffee?

Iced definitely, even in the winter

TV or book?

TV, who has time to read

Films or TV shows?

TV shows (but I love the cinema)

Online shopping or shopping instore?

Online !! Less stressful and more choice

Late or early?

Early, I hate being late

Sweet or savoury?


Morning or evening person?

It depends but evening usually

Summer or winter?

This is literally the hardest one bc I love both for different reasons AHHHH

Money or fame?


Warm or cold?


I hope you feel like you know a bit more about me now !!

xoxo, Lauren


For any enquires or collaboration requests don’t hesitate to contact me over at:

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