What’s on my iPhone

I love reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos about what people have on their phones as I think what apps you have really says a lot about you!

Below is a list of my favourite apps / what I use most frequently.

Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are my fave social medias because they’re so easy to engage with and you can literally post anything you want. Out of the three Instagram is definitely my favourite because I love photos.

I use Apple Music basically every minute of everyday whether it’s on my Macbook or my phone, I prefer it over Spotify literally just because of how pretty it is and the fact it’s Apple lmao.

VSCO is another of my top apps as I use that to edit my pictures, the layout of it and the fact you can post to your VSCO feed is also really cool.

I love YouTube even though I usually just watch videos on my laptop, my favourite people to subscribe to are Olivia Jade, The Ingham Family and Sophie Clough (a bit of a mix I know)

This is really sad to admit but I use the BBC Weather app a lot as I’m kinda obsessed with checking the weather every morning before I plan what I wear… I’m also slightly obsessed with Notes and Reminders as Notes is literally where I write everything and then Reminders because I forget everything…

These are just a few apps I enjoy using, obviously I use the standard ones like Photos and Messages.

(Btw I have the iPhone 7 Plus in matte black)


What’s your favourite app? Comment below !!

xoxo, Lauren

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