Must have accessories

I’m not someone who wears super out-there accessories but I do like to wear simple pieces everyday or most days. You’ll notice I prefer silver over gold jewellery as I feel it looks better on a lighter skin tone. I’ve listed my must haves as well as some favourites I’ve found online below!

Skagen Karolina Watch – Watch Shop – This is my favourite watch and is something I feel will never age. I’m obsessed with the strap as it’s definitely my favourite out of any others! This watch is also super versatile as it will go with anything!

Pandora rings – Shining Wish Ring, Wish Ring, Radiant Elegance Ring, Bouquet Ring, Dazzling Daisy Ring, and the latter in rose gold but it has discontinued – I love rings and I basically feel naked without them, I only have Pandora rings purely because they are (kind of) affordable and they’re super pretty!

Earrings – Studs, Oversized hoops – I have two ear piercings in both ears (debating a third) and I always have studs in but if it’s an occasion I usually throw a pair of hoops in the mix. You can’t go wrong with hoops, they really dress up an outfit in my opinion.

Necklaces – Silver diamante, Taurus pendant, Lariat – I prefer low key, cute necklaces to ones that make a statement as that’s more me. Understated necklaces can make a plain t-shirt look less plain!

Bracelets – Pandora Sliding bracelet – I love sliding bracelets, this was one of the only ones I could find. The one you see me wearing on Instagram is from Avon but I can’t find it anywhere, I love it and I wear it everyday! Sparkly bracelets are my fave!

Belts – Double ring belt – I was never into belts much but when I bought this one I realised how much they do add to a plain pair of jeans!

Bags – Tote bag, Shoulder bag – I’m not as much of a bag person as I am a shoe person but I do know a good bag when I see one. Through the summer I prefer a cross body bag but the tote bag I’ve linked is fab!! When I have more to carry I use this and it’s perfect!

Caps – White, Black – I love a good cap when I’m wearing no makeup and am forced to leave the house, also they are a must have when sunbathing! White and black caps are staples through the summer and are a go-to when you’re not feeling your best.

Sunglasses – Cat eyes, Oversized – I LOVE sunglasses, whether they’re on my head or actually on my face you just can’t go wrong and it’s rare I leave the house without them in the summer! One tip I do have is that you have to find the perfect shape for your face! I tried on so many styles until I realised a cat eye suits me best. I’ve also linked some oversized ones as they are an essential when going incognito lmao.

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What’s your favourite accessory? Comment below.

Lauren Faye

xoxo, Lauren

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3 thoughts on “Must have accessories

  1. I have been in a high search for a good watch. The one I bought recently is the cutest thing EVER but it’s a strap I can’t figure out how to adjust. Also I agree 110% on the sunglasses 🕶 I wear them on my head as an accessory. Also tip please how did you make your name logo???


  2. have you tried googling or youtubing how to adjust your strap? and for my logo I used canva x


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