What apps I’m loving

I’ve done a post like this before but I’m loving lots of different apps lately I thought I’d share them with you! I have an iPhone so all the apps I mention are available on Apple, however I will link the Android versions if I can find them!

Instagram – Apple, Android – Instagram might be my favourite app as I love photos and seeing my theme on my feed come together. Even though it’s probably the fakest social media as everything is so carefully curated and put together as everyone wants to look good to their followers, I still love it lol. Follow my IG here!

Snapchat – Apple, Android – I love Snapchat and it’s one of the main ways I talk to my friends, if I’m gonna post or send anyone videos it’s most likely going to be on Snapchat, it’s just so easy to use and everyyyyyone has it!

Twitter – Apple, Android – Twitter has gotten better recently! I love having a scroll through my timeline to see what’s going on, it’s also my main source of news as everything is in one place. Follow my Twitter here.

Apple Music – My profile – I love Apple Music, I prefer it over Spotify, I just think it’s more aesthetically pleasing to look at lol. It’s also easier to use than Spotify because it’s Apple.

VSCO – Apple, Android – VSCO is what I use to edit allll my pictures! I might write a post dedicated to my photo apps if you’re interested as I use a few! Also my themes on both Instagrams are different so if you want to know how I edit them, let me know!

Inpreview – Apple, Android (similar) – I use this for my personal IG mainly as I care more about my feed on there and making sure all the pictures fit together (it’s an obsession of mine…). I plan posts using this app and it’s fab! Defo recommend if you have a theme on IG!

Flightradar24 – Apple, Android – So this is one of the apps that I use a lot that’s probably weird, but do you ever see a plane flying above you and wonder where it’s going? Because that’s me and this app tells you where any plane is going!! It’s so cool HAHAHA.

Been – Apple, Android – You can use this app to track which countries you have visited! It’s really good for those who travel a lot or have been to a lot of different places!

YouTube – Apple, Android – I love YouTube, I have a few YouTubers I watch daily who I love. I also end up watching random videos too, you know the ones that pop up in your suggestions that lead to you watching YouTube for hours…

Google Maps – Apple, Android – I used to use Apple Maps but Kiran (shoutout) recommended Google Maps as it’s more reliable and easy to use. I’ve used it on a few journeys now and it is better than Apple Maps so I’d recommend you get it!

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What is your favourite app on your phone? Comment below.

Lauren Faye

xoxo, Lauren

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