How I style my Dr Martens…

I recently got myself a pair of white Dr Martens. I’ve always been into boots, I’ve gone through Timberlands and Uggs in the past few years so it was only natural for me to start fancying a pair of Docs!

I decided on white instead of the more popular black ones, for that reason as well as I wear mostly white trainers so I thought they’d probably go with more of my outfits! They’re also a lot comfier than what I was expecting, because I know some boots can be really stiff and when you’re used to wearing trainers it’s a bit of a shock! However, they do need wearing in as they are leather and need a bit of softening before they are the most comfortable.

Here are some outfits from the past few weeks to hopefully give you some inspiration to buy some white boots, or to see what you can wear with them!

Outfit #1:


This is the outfit I wore on Christmas Day when I got my Docs and I was so cosy.

Jumper – ASOS – I love how fluffy and soft this jumper is. It’s a zip up as well which I’m loving, I’ve been looking for a zip up sweatshirt for a while but they’re usually cropped or not the best quality so I’m glad I found this one!

Jeans – Topshop – Obviously I had to wear a pair of black skinnies. I think the rips make the fit look a bit edgier though.

Outfit #2:

Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset
Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset

The thing I love about Docs is that you can wear them in any weather, which you don’t get with a lot of trainers, especially when you wear white ones all the time like me.

Puffer coat – ASOS – Love this puffer coat so much! Perfect for the rain as well as making sure you aren’t missed in a crowded place… Also I always look like I’m about to go skiing which is great.

Jeans – Topshop – My fave comfy jeans are my Jamie jeans as we all know. Can’t beat a black and white moment.

Outfit #3:

Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset

This was my New Year’s Eve look! I rarely wear jumpers but I’ve been wanting to pair my leather-look trousers with one for ages and my Docs finished it off perfectly.

Jumper from New Look. – Similar at Missguided – You can’t beat a knit jumper in this weather, if it means I don’t have to wear a jacket I’m usually down hahaha. This burnt orange colour is so A/W as well.

Coated jeans – ASOS – Coated jeans are an easy way to dress up an outfit and look so good with my white boots!

Outfit #4:

Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset
Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset

My Docs go with so many outfits and I love how they look with blue jeans!

T-shirt – ASOS – This t-shirt fits so perfectly and I love the colour! It has a design on the back as well which is really nice as you don’t find this often!

Blue jeans – Topshop – I love the colour of these jeans! I don’t like jeans that are too light or too much of a dark blue so these are just in-between. I’ve wanted some with rips too as sometimes certain jeans look better with rips and I definitely think this applies here.

Puffer coat – ASOS – Love this coat! Good in the rain as well as making outfits look good!

lauren x faye-2

xoxo, Lauren

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