Staying upbeat this Christmas

I seem to start every blog post with “long time no speak”, but long time no speak! I didn’t think the c-word would still be consuming our lives when I wrote my first post on the topic back in April, yet here we are.

I wanted to throw a few tips and quotes together in a post to hopefully help you all through ‘the most wonderful time of year’.

No pressure

Try not to put pressure on yourself, whether it’s regarding gifts or feeling obliged to surround yourself with two other households in the highly anticipated five days of relaxed restrictions. Do what you feel comfortable doing and remember, Christmas isn’t all about the presents.

You are doing great

You’ve managed to get through this year, be proud of yourself! It’s been an incredibly trying time for everyone, we’ve all had challenges to overcome and hurdles to jump. Christmas might be quite daunting but everyone’s in the same boat, just take every day as it comes.

Look forward

It may be difficult, and something people have been saying all year… But 2021 is looking brighter with the prospect of a vaccine, I know not everyone will agree with me on that but I think it’s a positive. It does make a lot of people feel more enthusiastic going into the new year.

Positive mindset

Set a positive quote as your phone wallpaper, put them in frames around your house, follow quote accounts on social media and it might help you have a happier mindset. Quotes are things that help me a lot and reading a few when I’m not feeling great can pull me out of a bad space. Pinterest is a great place for quotes and is where I get mine from!

Decorate earlier!

We’ve had our decorations up a week already in my house and it’s definitely lifted my mood. We don’t usually put them up as early as what we have but I think this year especially, it was necessary! There’s nothing much better than watching a cheesy Christmas film with all your decks up, in my opinion!

Look out for a little Christmas budget gift guide coming very soon!

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