Affordable Christmas gifting

Today I thought I would compile a few ideas for Christmas gifts that are great if you’re not wanting to spend a fortune!

Photo gifts

Whether it’s a one photo in a frame, or a collage of photos, photo gifts can be put together really well on a budget! I get a lot of my photos from FreePrints which is a super affordable app which is worth downloading if you don’t have it already. Then, places like The Range, Home Bargains and B&M do really pretty frames for a couple of quid. For frames where you can put a collage together, Wilko and The Range are good! I have so many frames in my room, on shelves and hung on my walls with photos of friends and quotes, because they look so cute and are fab decor! If you fancy being even more creative, make a scrapbook! I made one for my best friend’s birthday earlier this year and I loved finding all the pictures and putting it all together, I didn’t want to part with it hahaha! If you’re really stuck for ideas for someone, a personalised calendar is perfect, you can’t go wrong with those!

Home decor

If you know someone’s home decor taste, little nik naks are great, whether that be little ornaments, candles, mugs, etc. I know New Look, Primark and your standard bargain shops like B&M do some lovely little bits to decorate with small price tags!

Pamper sets

Know someone who likes bath bombs, face masks, bubble bath, etc? There’s some fab little sets in Home Bargains, B&M, etc, the packaging is so cute as well and they definitely look pricier than they are! I wish I liked baths so I could enjoy these sets!

Snack boxes

If you know someone’s favourite sweets and chocolate, this is a super easy present! Fill a box with treats they love and you have a perfect prezzie! If you don’t want to make it up yourself, you can buy sweet boxes online in all sorts of themes!

Alcohol sets

At Christmas, there always seems to be lots of cute little alcohol sets that come out! I know I’ve seen some in supermarkets and Home Bargains! They’re perfect if you know someone’s favourite drink. Depending on which you look at, they can be super inexpensive!

Small businesses

It’s really important to support small businesses where you can, this year especially. There are so many Facebook and Instagram pages who make their own products, you could probably find anything! Have a look around on social media to see what you can find!

I hope I helped with some gift ideas! Let me know if I did 😀 If in doubt, get down to shops like Home Bargains and B&M, they are the places to be at the moment hahaha.

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