Lockdown favourites

Back with another lockdown post, hopefully this will be the last… But today I thought I’d compile some of my go-to things to do/watch/see to keep me occupied in lockdown! If you’re feeling a bit down and not sure what to do with yourself, hopefully these will help😊

Watch a series

Whenever I start a new series it always gets me hooked and I can’t stop watching it once it’s started! But that’s okay when there’s nothing else to do right. Well that’s what I tell myself🤣 I’m currently watching Sex and the City and I love it, so funny and super easy to watch, definitely taking my mind off not being able to go out and do anything! But it does make me want to move to NYC even more than I did before😬

Read a book

I’ve really got into reading in the past six months and am already on my fourth book this year. I love thrillers and mysteries, some recommendations if you like those books as well are: A Stranger in the House and Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena, Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson and The House Guest by Mark Edwards. Reading is great escapism and I love when I get to the end of a book because I feel like I’ve accomplished something🤩

Go outside

Go for a walk in your area, do anything outside, fresh air is great for clearing your head and makes you feel refreshed when you need it. I know I always feel better after going on a walk, whether it’s to give yourself a break from work/school/uni, or to get out of the same four walls for a change. That’s also the only time you can meet up with someone, when you’re outside. So a walk and a catch up with a friend would do the world of good if you’re feeling out of sorts.

Enjoy the space you’re in

So we’re all at home, and probably spending a lot of time in your bedroom, office, living room, whether you’re working, studying or just trying to pass the time. I think it’s important to make your space somewhere you like and want to be. Why not have an organise, clear out your wardrobe, declutter and get ready for the year. Chances are we’re going to be too busy later on in the year to even think about doing any jobs like that because we’ll be catching up on everything we missed in 2020! (Well I hope so😁)

Listen to some music

Music is something I almost always have on (if I’m not watching Sex and the City that is🤣). Finding new music or listening to my throwbacks playlist, it always gets me in a good mood and brings back lots of memories! You can’t beat finding an old song you’d forgotten about that you used to love years ago🙌🏼

Have a self-care day

Who doesn’t love a self-care day? I think we all deserve them! Here are some ideas for your day:

Watch a film/series🍿

Put on a hair mask💆🏽‍♀️

Do your nails💅🏼

Steam (before a face mask!🧖🏼‍♀️)

Put a face mask on🧘🏽

Clean (not a self-care day staple but I find it relaxing)🧼

Change your bedding🛏

Lots of cosy hot drinks☕️


I hope these tips help at least one person just a little bit! Look after yourself💛

Let me know what you’ve been doing in lockdown below.

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