My faves

This page is a bit more about me and where I share my current faves! It will be updated whenever I find a new obsession, whether it be with a TV show, book, product, place, etc!

Last updated (below): 19/01.

Currently reading…

I’m onto my fourth book of 2021! To see what I’ve been reading go look at my Goodreads. My fave genre is defo a thriller, the ones you can’t put down! I’m not that far into this one but it’s super mysterious and I can’t wait to find out what happens…

Last updated (below): 19/01.

Currently watching…

I’ve only ever watched the Sex and the City films as I was way too young to watch the series when it first came out… By way too young I mean still in the womb. I heard about the revisit just announced this year and I knew it was time. I searched high and low to find where to watch the series and I finally found it! I am absolutely obsessed! I love it and am living my best late 90s/early 00s life watching it🤩

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