I’m Lauren, 22 and currently working as a Social Media Executive at @JDWomen. I’ve just completed a Masters in Public Relations and Digital Communications at University of Salford. I also run social media and PR for a charity, My Mito Mission. I also graduated with a first class Journalism degree in 2020. For more about what I do, check out my LinkedIn.


A gallery of videos I have created for My Mito Mission.

Social media management

I have been managing My Mito Mission’s social channels since August 2019. For Instagram specifically, their content has increased reach by nearly 2000% and tripled the following. I have established a social media strategy which has given them a clear theme and purpose for each post. I have optimised their profile by adding highlights, a clear bio and call to actions. Following hashtag research, I have increased their impressions from hashtags from virtually nothing to now half of the post reach.

Loz Does Social

I began Loz Does Social at the end of February 2021 to connect with those in the industry and learn more about PR, social and digital. I grew my following organically to 1,000 in three months. I am also reaching on average 300 accounts per post (based on the last 10 posts) and my engagement rate (based on the last 10 posts) is 11%.

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