How I edit photos on my iPhone

I’ve been editing my photos, even if it was just a filter for as long as I can remember. Since I started blogging and began using a camera, I became more interested in how I could make the photos look better. I only edit photos on my phone and all the apps I use areContinue reading “How I edit photos on my iPhone”

What apps I’m loving

I’ve done a post like this before but I’m loving lots of different apps lately I thought I’d share them with you! I have an iPhone so all the apps I mention are available on Apple, however I will link the Android versions if I can find them! Instagram – Apple, Android – Instagram mightContinue reading “What apps I’m loving”

What’s on my iPhone

I love reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos about what people have on their phones as I think what apps you have really says a lot about you! Below is a list of my favourite apps / what I use most frequently. Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are my fave social medias because they’re soContinue reading “What’s on my iPhone”