Black, grey & sparkles

Recently I’ve added a few new things to my room and reorganised what’s on my shelves as I thought it needed a bit of a re-vamp, the title of this post sums up the theme of my room and are my favourite concepts.

I love a bit of interior design and as I spend a lot of time in my room it has to be just the way I want it. I also hate clutter so everything has to have a place and too many things on a shelf is a pet peeve of mine, I tried to make sure my shelves  had frames and ornaments of different sizes and heights so it was in proportion. I love my cushions and I think 3 is the perfect amount for the size of my bed as anymore would be too much, the patterns and textures of my cushions really sum up my favourites right now.


I’ve just linked the new pieces I got as I don’t remember where everything else is from haha I hope I gave some inspiration.


Bedside lamp



White cushion

Sequin cushion

Grey cushion

xoxo, Lauren


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