Graphic sweatshirts & Slip-ons

This week we have a rare moment of me attempting to layer… As we are coming to the end of the warmer weather I will be transitioning into wearing sweatshirts and hoodies… I won’t complain though because I do like a sweatshirt or a hoodie moment because they’re so casual and comfy, which is basically my style summed up.

Printed sweatshirt – H&M – I love graphic tees, therefore I love graphic sweatshirts! This sweatshirt is so comfy because the lining inside is super fluffy which is perfect for being cosy. I love how the detail is smaller on the front and larger on the back as I don’t think I would have liked the design as much if it was the other way round. I usually prefer hoodies over sweatshirts but this one is in the middle of the two as it has a hood but doesn’t have a pocket at the front. I actually really enjoy this as the pocket is what makes a hoodie look really slouchy.

White slip-ons – Vans – White Vans were perfect for the summer, I will probably keep wearing them through the colder months just because of how crisp they look. Plus, I like to pretend it’s summer all year round because it’s my favourite season! I love every slip-on shoe by Vans as they’re so comfy and easy to style, get yourself a pair!

Black Jamie jeans – Topshop – These jeans are my favourite pair I’ve ever bought, they hardly fade and they fit perfectly, even after months of wear. You may think they’re expensive but they are definitely worth it! Another thing I love about Topshop jeans is that you can get a size that is perfect for you because you choose which waist size and leg length you want. A lot of stores don’t offer this and just go on the basic sizes which are very generic and often vary from store to store.

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Lauren Faye

xoxo, Lauren

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