Happy 1st Birthday to laurenxfaye.com!

A year ago today I posted my first “introductory” style post to my blog, granted it’s not very long but it was the first thing I’d put out there onto the internet! Having blogged nearly every week for a year is quite an achievement for me as I usually lose interest in things easily…

A few things I’ve learnt in the past year is to persevere and not give up because it can be difficult to think of new ideas as well as ones that will engage people enough to actually read your post. It also often takes up a lot of time to be active on social media and to take good photos, even when you’re having a day where you’re feeling insecure. I’m very obsessive over themes and making sure my Instagram feed looks good, which I probably should dial down a little bit as it’s not that serious!

I knew once I’d started my blog I was going to continue with it and I was going to try my best not to throw in the towel because that would be so easy to do, but I love writing and everything I include on my blog is something I’m passionate about!

If you’ve been reading for a year, a few months or even a few weeks, thank you! I really appreciate all the support and love.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, I’d say go for it as long as you’d be doing it because you love to write, which is the only reason I do it! Also, write about things you’re interested in, don’t follow the crowd!


Lauren Faye

xoxo, Lauren

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