What I got for Christmas…

Merry Christmas!!! I can’t believe the big day is over already, December went way too fast for my liking! As I did one last year, I thought I’d do a post on the main things I got for Christmas this year, I’m super grateful for everything and I hope everyone had an amazing day with friends and family.

Pandora Sparkling Strand Bracelet – Pandora – I have been eyeing this bracelet up for a while but didn’t want to buy it myself hahaha. I’ve been wearing a similar bracelet to this for a while but the quality isn’t great as it wasn’t sterling silver. I’ll definitely be wearing this every single day because it’s super minimalist and sparkly!

Mario Badescu Silver Powder – Beauty Bay – I’ve been wanting to try more Mario Badescu skincare products for a while so I was very grateful to receive a few things from there. I haven’t used it yet but I’m looking forward to trying the Silver Powder as I have oily skin so it will be interesting to see if this improves it.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – Beauty Bay – I’ve been seeing people using this for years which is why I stuck it on my list. I’m very lucky in that I don’t get much acne but when I do get it I can use this!

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion – Beauty Bay – This is another product I’m eager to try! This is meant to target those annoying under the skin spots which are often worse than actual spots so I will be back with a skincare post soon to tell you all about it!

RCMA Powder – Beauty Bay – A few people have recommended this to me as, again, my skin can get oily through the day and I am in need of a good setting powder. I will be back with a review!!

Nivea Lip Balm – Superdrug – I literally received 8 of these… This specific Nivea lip balm is one of my favourites and you will catch me applying it basically throughout every single day. I’m a little bit obsessed with lip balm and have been for a few years even though I’ve heard it can dry your lips out even more…

Popsockets – Checker Black, Ghost Marble, Avocado – I’m going back to the Popsockets hype because I miss them! There was a time where I had a Popsocket on my phone case literally for two years. There’s sooo many designs now and you can swap them so easily. They also make a great stand and make it so much easier to hold your phone, especially because mine is huge.

Calvin Klein White T-Shirt – Topman – I have been wanting a basic CK tee for ages and my girls pulled through with this one for me, I absolutely love it and it makes a great addition to my ever growing t-shirt collection.

Clinique ‘Lash Line Love’ set – Debenhams – I thought this was a lovely gift set when I opened it! Especially because I am in need of a new mascara and I have never tried an eyelash primer before!

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I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and see you in the new year!

Comment below what your favourite gift you received was.

Lauren Faye

xoxo, Lauren

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